Great moments in Cinematography I


This will be a periodic blog post on my perspective of great moments in film and their visual artists.
The selection will (most of the times) be based on the quality of the cinematography and the emotions that the scenes evoke on us, the viewers and admirers.
I won’t try and analyze them, define or criticize them, I’ll just leave that to you.
When possible, I thoroughly recommend seeing these scenes and their movies, on BluRay, or when possible, in the theaters.
Hope you guys enjoy them.

First great moment:

By Roger Deakins

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

The first and only robbery of the movie.

This scene creates an aura of myth around Jesse James and his men. A mysticism that is effectively captured by Deakins on Camera/Cinematography and by Andrew Dominik’s selection of shots.

(no copyrights over the link or its contents)

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