I’m a Portuguese Project Developer and Cinematographer, currently working as a Transmedia Producer at MediaCorp (Singapore).

I’ve worked as a freelancer while writing some feature/short projects, and I have added experience in short-film and corporate production, based in Hong Kong, Macau and Beijing.

I have a Bachelor‘s and a Master‘s degree in Film, Video and Multimedia Communication having worked on the Production side and on the Visual/Imaging side. I’ve worked with teams of 5 to 10 crew core members in Production and 3+ in the Camera Department while being part of teams upwards of 50 people. I have worked with cameras ranging from 16/35mm to HD DSLR’s while assisting in professional projects with cameras ranging from the Red Epic to other smaller range cameras.

I was educated in all forms of production (having worked in new forms of Transmedia Production at Haexagon Concepts as well) but I have added experience in scriptwriting and Post-production.

I was a part of the IP and Content Management @ Haexagon Concepts ltd with a focus on the Asian market, It being a company I helped rise off the ground.

You can watch my Showreel (2012) by clicking on my picture or by choosing it in the right hand side menu.

Feel free to browse through my previous projects in the Projects Menu and if interested in cooperating or hiring me, feel free to contact me through Haexagon Concepts.

It’s a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to seeing/speaking with you soon.