The Grave Bandits Metro Manila Film Festival screenings

In the end of 2012, the Haexagon team worked on linking the Premiere of the Philippino film “The Grave Bandits” at the Metro Manila Film Festival and I shot this little promo video to accompany the press releases and other promo information for the film in the months to come.

RealLifeConnect Corporate Videos

For the end of last year 2012, I shot a couple of promo videos for the RealLifeConnect service and a event promo video for their initial rolling out of the service in Mainland China through Weibo.

The vids follow below:


The roll out promo:

The People

This was a small ambiance video developed to accompany the piece “The People” by Cornelia Erdmann, presented at the Legco building HK.
It was one of the first projects under the banner of Haexagon Concepts ltd.
The video and installation were created in the end of 2011.

It was shot on the 60D.


Haexagon (Project)

Lately I’ve been more concentrating on the evolution of Haexagon Concepts, but nevertheless, in the past 2 months, did shoot 2 short films (and part of another).

Haexagon is the latest of those 3 projects, but the first where I can post some information.

The project was directed by Marco Sparmberg, and the story goes a little like this:

“In a near future, China‘s society has developed a critical demographic imbalance. The number of male Chinese has increased rapidly. Women become a minority. Human reproduction is taken over by scientists and cloning laboratories. A greedy subculture emerges, taking advantage of this situation. Ruled by a private conglomerate called the Hæxagon Corporation, the market for selling the pleasure of a woman for one night to desperate men is a monopoly. The price for this exquisite virtue are the men’s lives!

Set out on the remaining remote archipelago of destroyed and flooded Hong Kong, men in groups of three have to compete against each other within a brutal fight of survival. The trophy, a single woman inside a secret compound. Only the last survivor is granted access to this underground facility at a large water reservoir in the island’s center. As winner of this fierce contest he can do whatever he wants with the woman, for one night only.”

It was shot on DSLR‘s, all Canon’s, on the 60D (All the daylight imagery), 5D and 7D (night/dark scenes), due to the versatility of the cameras (lightweight, easy to command and great for run and gun), budget constraints and a tight schedule.
The project was shot in and around Hong Kong, taking advantage of the wilderness and crazy/unusual places found all over the area (for a deeper look on the locations, check this out –

Here follows the first teaser of the project, that will be making the festival rounds, after its completion in April.


For daily updates on Haexagon Concepts and the Project, visit:

Haexagon Concepts Ltd

Since the beginning of 2012 (February to be precise) I’ve been part of Haexagon Concepts Ltd, being a co-founder alongside Marco Sparmberg (trans-media filmmaker), Kevin Ma (scriptwriter and film critic) and Juergen Hoebarth (media developer and co-founder of reallifeconnect).

The Press Release follows below:

(Link on the image)

Hong Kong’s first trans-media production company starts with a haexagonal SciFi ride

Hong Kong; February 8, 2012- Five Academy of Film and Academy of Visual Arts graduates are creating the city’s first one-stop production company solely focusing on trans-media projects.

Named Haexagon Concepts, the company will execute high concept narrative ideas by combining video, advertising, internet, social media, press, and interactive gaming via a vast network of partnering artists and companies. The company’s first project recently entered the production stage and will prove that Hong Kong can also create and execute sophisticated science fiction ideas.

Haexagon Concept’s founding team comprises of three film school and two visual arts master graduates from the United States, Germany, Austria, Portugal, and Hong Kong, respectively. They will bring their diversified expertise and cultural backgrounds together to create unique, tailor-made media campaigns for clients. Co-founder Marco Sparmberg says, “Each team member comes carrying professional working experience in areas like film production, project development, press, visual arts and mobile/internet technology. It’s going to be very exciting when we see all that come together”.

For its inaugural project, Haexagon Concepts is currently producing the short film “Haexagon”, and it will be the most unmatched video endeavor to be created within Hong Kong in recent years. With an estimated budget of HK$ 300,000, this project centers around a post-apocalyptic short film that treads the grounds of science fiction, genre that traditionally holds a large fanbase in Hong Kong but rarely explored by local filmmakers and artists.

Cinematographer and Haexagon Concepts co-founder Diogo Martins says, “The project will target a long vacant niche within Hong Kong’s media landscape while trying to augment its appeal to the busy lives of Hong Kongers. Haexagon will bring science fiction elements into a jungle environment mixed with ingredients of 1970s doomsday exploitation.”

And the short film is just the beginning. Its high concept narration will be later taken and turned into an extended trans-media campaign which will use the means of mobile and augmented technology for the benefits of the project sponsors’ promotions. Additionally, Haexagon Concepts plans to develop “Haexagon” into a feature film that will hit international film markets beginning of 2013.

“Haexagon” is currently in production. Principal photography will wrap in Hong Kong at the end of February 2012. However, the project is still in need for further financial support, as well as experienced crew members.

On the right hand side of my page, there’s a direct link to the facebook page of the company, visit it and you’ll get daily/weekly updates on current projects and the evolution of the company, or click here:

Browse through to get an idea of the latest project I’ve been involved with (Haexagon).

(Prelim Grade for Haexagon)


Ho Chi Minh Series

Series of 4 Run and Gun Videos, shot in Ho Chi Minh and around the city.

Sweet & Salty

Clarity & Dust

Luxury & Survival

Warm & Soggy

Shot with the 60D on location, in HD with available light conditions.