Cinematography Showreel 2011-2012

Cinematography Showreel 2011-2012 from Diogo Martins on Vimeo.

Collection of projects shot between the summer of 2011 and 2012.

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Haexagon (Project)

Lately I’ve been more concentrating on the evolution of Haexagon Concepts, but nevertheless, in the past 2 months, did shoot 2 short films (and part of another).

Haexagon is the latest of those 3 projects, but the first where I can post some information.

The project was directed by Marco Sparmberg, and the story goes a little like this:

“In a near future, China‘s society has developed a critical demographic imbalance. The number of male Chinese has increased rapidly. Women become a minority. Human reproduction is taken over by scientists and cloning laboratories. A greedy subculture emerges, taking advantage of this situation. Ruled by a private conglomerate called the Hæxagon Corporation, the market for selling the pleasure of a woman for one night to desperate men is a monopoly. The price for this exquisite virtue are the men’s lives!

Set out on the remaining remote archipelago of destroyed and flooded Hong Kong, men in groups of three have to compete against each other within a brutal fight of survival. The trophy, a single woman inside a secret compound. Only the last survivor is granted access to this underground facility at a large water reservoir in the island’s center. As winner of this fierce contest he can do whatever he wants with the woman, for one night only.”

It was shot on DSLR‘s, all Canon’s, on the 60D (All the daylight imagery), 5D and 7D (night/dark scenes), due to the versatility of the cameras (lightweight, easy to command and great for run and gun), budget constraints and a tight schedule.
The project was shot in and around Hong Kong, taking advantage of the wilderness and crazy/unusual places found all over the area (for a deeper look on the locations, check this out –

Here follows the first teaser of the project, that will be making the festival rounds, after its completion in April.


For daily updates on Haexagon Concepts and the Project, visit:

Ho Chi Minh Series

Series of 4 Run and Gun Videos, shot in Ho Chi Minh and around the city.

Sweet & Salty

Clarity & Dust

Luxury & Survival

Warm & Soggy

Shot with the 60D on location, in HD with available light conditions.

Squattertown (1st Season)

This is a project spanning the period of a year in pre, prod and post production, created by the Hong Kong based director Marco Sparmberg @
It’s a Dim Sum Western and the shooting was undertaken in the rooftops around the city of Hong Kong.

First Episode

Second Episode

Third Episode

Forth Episode

Roof  “short environment doc” #1

Roof  “short environment doc” #4

Premiere promo vid

Shot in HD with the Canon 60D and 7D.

Great Moments in Cinematography II

Hi guys,

for this week, I chose Conrad L. Hall and his last motion picture before he left us in 2003 – Road to Perdition.

This scene is the final confrontation between Michael Sullivan and John Rooney (an assassin and his boss).

The unseen figure firing (and his silhouette slowly being defined by the muzzle flashes) , the slow track with Rooney in the center (with the bullets catching everyone but him), the beautiful fall off of light on the shoulders and the face of Rooney and Michael and the amazing reflections and sparkle of the drops of rain, this scene is a perfect example of a cinematographer at the top of his game.

There’s a spoiler in the scene so for those who haven’t watched the film, be warned.

Squattertown (1st Teaser)

1st Teaser for the Hong Kong based web series.

Shot on several Hong Kong Rooftops with the 60 and the 7D.
Project Site –