Squattertown (Fund raising trailer)

Small Short trailer for the fund raising campaign of the Squattertown web series.


Shot on location with the 60 and the 7D.
Director – Marco Sparmberg


Static Rhythm

Dance Video accompanying Rainbow through her voyage into her thoughts.

Shot with the 60D HD, in studio.
Music by Deadly Stare & Airlines Landlines by Bell Orchestre.

Mongkok Nightly Glow

Short Ambience film on the Night environment of uninhabited MongKok.

Shot on location, without any camera or light enhancements with a DV-CAM, focussing on the contrast between what is seen through the small points of light in the middle of downtown MongKok.

A Morte de Tchaikovsky (Tchaikovsky’s Death)

Final, bachelor 16mm production, shot on location.

5 day shoot, with Portuguese renown actors, exhibited at the annual Over & Out event in Downtown Lisbon.
Selected for several National and International Short-film festivals during 2008 and 2009.