Ho Chi Minh Series

Series of 4 Run and Gun Videos, shot in Ho Chi Minh and around the city.

Sweet & Salty

Clarity & Dust

Luxury & Survival

Warm & Soggy

Shot with the 60D on location, in HD with available light conditions.

Squattertown (1st Season)

This is a project spanning the period of a year in pre, prod and post production, created by the Hong Kong based director Marco Sparmberg @ http://www.m-sp.net/.
It’s a Dim Sum Western and the shooting was undertaken in the rooftops around the city of Hong Kong.

First Episode

Second Episode

Third Episode

Forth Episode

Roof  “short environment doc” #1

Roof  “short environment doc” #4

Premiere promo vid

Shot in HD with the Canon 60D and 7D.

Great Moments in Cinematography III

Good morrow everyone,

today we’ll see a little bit of what Janusz Kaminski is capable of. This man, is an enigma if there was ever one in the world of cinematography. His career with Steven Spielberg is an amazing collection of visual masterpieces but, having worked on The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and a few other visually consistent films (The adventures of Huck Finn, Jerry Maguire and How to Make an American Quilt), you can see from his work that there is something more to his eye than just what Mr. Spielberg concocts for his “paintings”.
As an example of the mastery undertaken by Kaminski, I chose the “Invasion of Omaha Beach Scene” right at the beginning of the World War 2 epic by Spielberg.
It is true that such scenes as the girl in the red dress from Schindler’s List or the brilliantly photographed boat scenes in Amistad are by themselves, great single examples of Kaminski’s work but, it is thru this scene (in detail – the first 10 minutes of it), that you see the experimentation, control and power of what can be done with a camera to showcase war as viscerally and has destructively as it is possible to present.
This scene is the standard by which every war movie filmed after it has been evaluated. It has set a pattern for what has come after it, and taken the viewer to never before seen “first person interactions” to what a battlefield looks like.
Technically it ranges from handheld, crane shots, quick pans, steady shots, frame skips, frame over and under-cranking, image dirtying, image cleaning, fake blood, digital blood, very little is left out in this 10 minutes.
For those weak of heart (or stomach) be warned.

Great moments in Cinematography I


This will be a periodic blog post on my perspective of great moments in film and their visual artists.
The selection will (most of the times) be based on the quality of the cinematography and the emotions that the scenes evoke on us, the viewers and admirers.
I won’t try and analyze them, define or criticize them, I’ll just leave that to you.
When possible, I thoroughly recommend seeing these scenes and their movies, on BluRay, or when possible, in the theaters.
Hope you guys enjoy them.

First great moment:

By Roger Deakins

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

The first and only robbery of the movie.

This scene creates an aura of myth around Jesse James and his men. A mysticism that is effectively captured by Deakins on Camera/Cinematography and by Andrew Dominik’s selection of shots.

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Squattertown (1st Teaser)

1st Teaser for the Hong Kong based web series.


Shot on several Hong Kong Rooftops with the 60 and the 7D.
Project Site – http://www.m-sp.net/SQT/index.html

Mongkok Nightly Glow

Short Ambience film on the Night environment of uninhabited MongKok.

Shot on location, without any camera or light enhancements with a DV-CAM, focussing on the contrast between what is seen through the small points of light in the middle of downtown MongKok.

A Morte de Tchaikovsky (Tchaikovsky’s Death)

Final, bachelor 16mm production, shot on location.

5 day shoot, with Portuguese renown actors, exhibited at the annual Over & Out event in Downtown Lisbon.
Selected for several National and International Short-film festivals during 2008 and 2009.