Squattertown (1st Season)

This is a project spanning the period of a year in pre, prod and post production, created by the Hong Kong based director Marco Sparmberg @ http://www.m-sp.net/.
It’s a Dim Sum Western and the shooting was undertaken in the rooftops around the city of Hong Kong.

First Episode

Second Episode

Third Episode

Forth Episode

Roof  “short environment doc” #1

Roof  “short environment doc” #4

Premiere promo vid

Shot in HD with the Canon 60D and 7D.

God’s Eternal Mistake

Short Narrative Film of a conversation between Man and God.

(Winner of the Best Sound Design Award at the Sound&Image Challenge 2011)

Shot in studio (Tungsten and HMI lights), with white cyclorama and little or no image post-production.
HD on the 60D.

Squattertown (1st Teaser)

1st Teaser for the Hong Kong based web series.


Shot on several Hong Kong Rooftops with the 60 and the 7D.
Project Site – http://www.m-sp.net/SQT/index.html

Mongkok Nightly Glow

Short Ambience film on the Night environment of uninhabited MongKok.

Shot on location, without any camera or light enhancements with a DV-CAM, focussing on the contrast between what is seen through the small points of light in the middle of downtown MongKok.